We are never too old to vitalize and nourish wellbeing!

Welcome! I believe that we are never too old to learn, change and embrace the possibility of our potential. I also believe that movement and music are fundamental to living the quality of life one desires. The music of our rhythmically beating heart assures us of life existence. The caress of cool breeze on our skin warming under the sun's silent rays reminds us of our relationship with the natural world. Movement and music, independently and in the company of the other, can open the door to playfully exploring physical, emotional, psychological, and social habits. Exploring can lead discovery and transformation - different ease, elegance and pleasure of movement in your life. Journeys Through Movement experiences invite you to pay attention in new ways and to embrace the possibility of learning, moving, and living with joy and pleasure.

What do movement, music, and me (or you) have in common? 1 phrase – We are each expressions of energy. Regardless of the form energy takes, movement is one of its attributes.