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Private lessons Native Spanish speaking tutor for all ages at "Spanish Easy", from elementary school, junior high, high school, college, or university are offered.

We have designed a method where the student learns the basics of Spanish and incorporates current literature texts from schools in Mexico at an appropriate level.

Your native Spanish speaking tutor creates a fun, flexible, and engaging environment of constant stimulation that empowers you to reach your goals faster than any other method. Meeting individually with your tutor means that every session is completely focused on your interests and objectives. We can even accommodate the learning style most effective for you.

Spanish Conversational small group tutoring sessions are custom-designed to quickly lead you to Spanish proficiency while sharing the fun - and cost - with few other students that share your skill level.


 Private tutoring/classes for Adults

We guarantee your success in your classes with homework, assignments, or assays.

Acceptance is based on referrals only.

Released on December 3, 2004

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