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  Homes for Rent in Cafayate, Argentina

For rent: Lovely, beautifully furnished, 2-bedroom, 1 bath home in the Cafayate, peaceful wine-growing Salta region in northwestern Argentina.

Newly constructed home, brightly lit with natural lighting. Spacious dining and living areas. Separate kitchen and laundry facility. Patio on back side of house surrounded by 150 year old carob trees with breathtaking view of Andes nearby mountains and vineyards. Use of large swimming pool, barbeque pit, outdoor wood oven, and separate building with kitchen facilities for entertaining groups of visitors.

Cafayete, located in the Salta province of northwestern Argentina and characterized by its Spanish colonial architecture, has a relaxed lifestyle. The region is also fast becoming an elite wine production area with the Domingo Hermanos (The Domingo Brothers) as leaders in the local wine industry.

A wonderful home away from home in which to lose yourself in thought and meditation while enjoying the local sights and surrounding nature.

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